Loomis 24hr Urinalysis by MRL

MRL has a new look going into 2015

MRL has decided to give its clients a new way to order supplies and to stream line their 24hr Loomis Urinalysis needs. Our laboratory has staff that has been performing the Loomis 24hr Urinalysis just as Dr. Loomis taught them in 1986. Since that time there has been many changes in the way business is conducted and the expectations that clients have. Our goal this year is not only to service you the practitioner better with our testing but to also help your practice grow by providing helpful tips that we have gathered over almost three decades performing this test.

Most of this years blogs will be from our most successful clients sharing their tips on how to grow and what pit falls to avoid.  However, first and for most we need to educate you on what to expect from MRL as a laboratory and to also get you comfortable using our services.

Let’s start off by a little homework assignment that is watching our videos and reading everything on the Step by Step Page.