About Us

MRL is the practitioners’ choice for Loomis Urinalysis testing services. MRL is one of only a few labs approved by the Food Enzyme Institute to provide the Loomis Urinalysis testing.  MRL was founded in 1968 and is continuously evolving to meet America’s most current, pressing research laboratory service needs. In most recent years, MRL’s volume of easy, affordable, convenient and confidential lab tests has significantly increased allowing us to provide further discounts to our community of esteemed practitioners. Today, approximately fifty million Americans do not have health insurance. MRL offers a much needed healthcare provider affiliation, giving physicians a safe, confidential, cost effective resource for their clients; including uninsured clients. MRL’s reputation consistently earns recognition for organizing and administering health screenings for some of the country’s largest retailers, as well as state and local health departments. Further, for over forty years MRL has provided wellness screenings to natural healthcare practitioners.

MRL offers a diverse menu of screening services. The menu consists of Loomis 24 Hour Urinalysis, Spirometry, Electrocardiogram (EKG), DNA paternity testing, drug screening, wellness screenings, hydration analysis, peripheral bone density testing “AcuDexa”, body mass index testing utilizing the RJL BMI system, and breast and full body IACT approved thermography.

MRL is a research laboratory that tests human specimens but does not report patient specific results for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease or impairment of, or the assessment of the health of, individual patients. This laboratory does not provide medical diagnosis. If a client needs diagnosis, they should consult with their physician.  All Sales Are Final.