Step by Step

MRL offers a simple step by step process for you to use when setting up your account.
Please click each step for detailed instructions.

Step 1: Membership Form

Membership is free! This form must be filled out prior to testing any samples. Download and fill out the membership form on this page. Once the form is filled out email ( or fax 1-866-548-7001 it to our laboratory. Your account will be set up the same business day we receive your membership form. If you have question(s) about laboratory testing prices either contact us through our Contact Us page or call 1-844-24Urine / 1-844-248-7463. All Sales Are Final. Please allow 7 to 10 days for shipping.

 MRL Membership Sign Up Forms (Click to Print)



Step 2: Ordering Kits / Supplies

Free Loomis Seminar Kit Offer  (Click Here)

Once your membership form is sent back to MRL you can request a free Loomis seminar kit coupon code via email or over the phone 1-844-24Urine. As a new client, who has attended a Food Enzyme Institute 24 Hour Urinalysis seminar, you are entitled to one free kit upon new account registration with MRL. This offer may be used once per client. Please be prepared to provide the date of your seminar for verification purposes and to receive the needed free shipping coupon code. NOTE: This offer must be created as a stand alone order. Finally, MRL does not offer 24hr Loomis Urinalysis interpretation services. In order to receive interpretation services, please make sure to use the contact information Food Enzyme Institute provided to you during the Loomis  urinalysis seminar(s).

To order kits or supplies please go to the Shop Page .


Step 3: Filling Out Requisition

 It is essential to properly fill out the requisition as it ensures that your results will be reported promptly.

#1: Fill out the practitioner’s information in the upper left section of the form.

#2: Fill in the patient’s information entirely in the upper right section of the form. Some clients wish to use a code for their patients’ names.

#3: Check the box next to indicate either a retest or initial test.

Note: If the test is a retest, you must provide us with the previous case number or the billing department will charge you the regular initial test fee. 

#4: Check the boxes of any additional tests you wish to order for your patient. If a box is not checked on the requisition, the laboratory will by default perform the 24hr Loomis Urinalysis. 

#5: Fill out the volume in the upper right front area of the requisition and sign the bottom.

Helpful Tip:

Highlight your patient’s information they will be filling out. This simple step will ensure that your patient information is properly recorded in order to provide you with an accurate report.

 24hr Loomis Urinalysis Requisition / Instructions by MRL (Click to Print)


Step 4: Collection Instructions for a 24hr Loomis Urinalysis Specimen

 First Collection Instruction

Freeze the cold pack(s) for 2+ hours.

Second Collection Instruction

Discard your first morning’s urine and record the date and time, on front upper right of requisition, of this disposal.

Collect all urine for the next 24 hrs in a 3000mL, sterile collection container(s). Keep collection container refrigerated or in an ice bucket or chilled cooler.

*Non-medical containers may test positive for nitrites* Buy professional collection containers for this test on our Shop page.

Stop collection after the first voiding on the second day and record the stop time on front upper right of the requisition.

Third Collection Instruction

Slowly invert the 3000mL collection container 3-4 times to properly mix the sample. Place container on a level surface and record collection volume on the front upper right of the requisition.

(If you excrete more than 3000mL, mix urine by inverting 3+ times and pour off to 1500mL continue collection and remember to add additional volume in order to report total volume.)

Fourth Collection Instruction

Write your name and practitioner name on the transfer cup. Fill transfer cup(s) 3/4 full, and recap securely.

Place sample into zip lock portion of the Bio-bag making sure to include absorbent towel and seal.

Please Note: Any of the following will terminate your MRL account indefinitely 

DO NOT ship any other items than what MRL provides in the kit. This includes ice, additional ice packs, packing peanuts etc.

DO NOT ship any items that have not been approved by MRL. This includes urine collection jugs, urine collection hats etc, MRL only tests samples that are provided in our kits.

DO NOT Ship samples in non-IATA approved laboratory plastic packs. You must ship samples in MRL kits.

DO NOT drop samples off at the receiving location. This is a third party, secure shipping site and not the physical location of the Laboratory.

Tips For Best Success with our Laboratory

Schedule consultation one business week after the sample is sent back to the laboratory or instruct your client to schedule in that time frame.

Ship immediately upon completion.

Expect results report within 5 business days of laboratory receiving the sample. Example sample received on Tuesday and Holiday is on Thursday expect results the following Wednesday or Thursday.

24hr Loomis Urinalysis Collection Instructions by MRL (Click to Print)

 Detailed How To Step by Step Video


Step 5: Shipping Instructions for a 24hr Loomis Urinalysis Specimen

All Sales Are Final. Please allow 7 to 10 days for shipping.

Please note that when the FedEx shipping system is down or we are unable to ship via FedEx in a timely manner we will ship with another carrier at no extra cost to you or your client.

First Shipping Instruction

Remove cold pack(s) from freezer and place in the shipping box. These are not intended to freeze the sample, but rather keep it chilled during the overnight shipment.  DO NOT use anything other than the  cold pack(s) supplied in the kit.

Second Shipping Instruction

Double Check the Requisition and make sure the following information is filled out:

  • Patient Name, Age, Sex
  • Practitioner Name
  • 24hr Total Urine Volume
  • 24hr Collection Start & Stop Date & Time
  • Tests ordered
  • Initial or Retest (If Retest previous test case number must be provided in the appropriate space)

Place requisition in pouch portion of the Bio-bag. Bio-bag should now contain requisition and the transfer cup with absorbent towel. Place the Bio-bag in the shipping box with cold packs and secure lid with tape.

Third Shipping Instruction

Ship only the provided materials and specimen that are included in the shipping kit.

Insert sample shipping kit into the lab pack and seal. Make sure to ship kit to:


265 Eastchester Dr., Ste 133-372

High Point, NC 27262

Personal Drop Offs Will Be Refused.
MRL Only Accept Samples Delivered By FedEX, UPS, and USPS. All Other Methods of Delivery Will Be Refused.

Fourth Shipping Instruction

Drop the sealed  Clinical lab pack off at an appropriate shipping location.

MRL accepts shipments Monday through Saturday.

DO NOT include any other forms of cooling material in the kit other than the included ice packs, especially ice cubes of any form.

Step 6: How Results are Reported & Sample Report

MRL reports results reports to the ordering practitioner in the format they selected on their account sign up form.MRL does not offer 24hr Loomis Urinalysis interpretation services. In order to receive interpretation services, please make sure to use the contact information and instructions you received during the Food Enzyme Institute seminar(s). It may take up to 7 business days for samples to be reported. Please NOTE samples are tested with in 12 hours of receiving but this does not mean they will be reported at that time as the Loomis testing process is very manual and is not automated.

Sample Report 24hr Urinalysis with Quick Heavy Metal by MRL (Click to Print)

 Step 7: Retesting

Retesting patients validates why the practitioner ordered the test in the first place. MRL offers a discounted retest price. To receive the retest price make sure to check the retest box on the requisition and place the initial test case number on the new requisition. The case number can be found on the initial test report between the patients name and the practitioners name.  Without this case number, and the retest box checked, there will be no discount. No exceptions will be made. By retesting patients, practitioners can evaluate the effectiveness of their health interventions.